Competitors logos:

My competitors logos:

I had many ideas to apply. It was harder since there were many competitors and since the idea is spread among many;  I had to choose something specific and unique & nothing could be better then relating my project to the UAE traditions.

My first competitor while talking about the similarity in ideas is “AL FANAR RESTAURANT & CAFE”. However, I did not find a logo that explains what I had in mind; but the first image seemed the closest.


Samples of logos

Here are some pictures I have taken that shows different logos.


Logos are everywhere and easy to find. However, I searched for the unique ones either in the type they are written by or the shape. Some are highly unique and nice and others where simple but still they grab peoples attention.


I liked the most »

 – Harrods logo because it shows unity.

– Jumeriah Towers logo is unique because of the design of the dot on the “i” letter.

– EMPOWER logo is nice too because of the drawing that shows power & strength.