Partner’s Storyboard

To show the variation in ideas of “Identity” . . Click below to see my partner’s storyboard – Nico.

>> cabanayan_project3_contactsheet


This is the narrative I wrote about Nico’s storyboard:

A guy went for shopping in search of a t-shirt. It seems that he was looking for the location of the shop from his cell phone or he was asking a friend about it. After cruising around he entered one of the shops looking at different t-shirts and tops. He was looking at different colors. Then, the guy was confused between two t-shirts one of them was black and the other is red; but then he left without buying them and instead he looked at the jackets. Then, he left to another shop and moved around between the shops looking for the   t-shirt he wanted.  Finally, after searching from shop to another he found the t-shirt he was looking for and wanted. He bought it together with jeans. Then, he left to the metro station to go back home.


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