Project 3: Deck of cards | Vintage 1990.

Finally am done with the project “Deck of cards”. I had 13 cards to design, each with a different vintage character. I feel so proud that I have completed the project in two days. It was a challenge for me since I have to meet the deadline of the project.  I have worked on other two ideas which were deleted for a reason that I don’t know. When I think of it, thanks God that it was deleted because it made me feel that I have to work on a strong idea that is unified and nice. I also thought of it as a project that should satisfy clients who might choose a similar idea.

First of all to accomplish this project I searched for different vintage characters, then I chose the king, queen, and joker. Secondly, I organized the characters on the cards and designed a “heart” icon to replace them under & above the numbers. Thirdly, I used the brush tool to re-design and re-color the characters to fix the resolution of the images and to make the design more of my work. When I finished all of the 13 cards, I worked on one joker; but then to manage time I skipped working on the other joker and in stead I worked on the back sides of the cards and the cover of the box.

I liked how I mixed images and objects on the back sides of the cards and the box. I feel so happy by the outcome of my work. Also, I felt that by trying many ideas as much as we can and gathering different information and images can help us reach the idea we have in mind and accomplish our stated goals easily.


  • This is the number – side of the cards:

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.57.13 PM

In the number side of the cards, I have re-designed and colored the characters. Then I flipped the characters so the it can be understood from both sides as it is shown above. Also, I added the “heart” icon that I have created below and above the number. Then, I added hearts on the characters to give the designs the “heart” theme to the cards.


  • This is the back side of the cards:

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.57.57 PM

The back side of the cards contains a variety of vintage images as I re-designed and colored the “women” on the card. I wanted to give the card the old vintage theme were colors where chosen differently as well as the objects.

  • This is the design of the box:

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.57.31 PM

In the design of the box I added the same design of the back side of the cards and I inserted a oval shape at the back of the box written in “vintage 1990” to represent the year I am focusing on in my designs.

In all the process was not hard as coming up with an idea. I am satisfied with the outcome of my work. Hope others like it too.


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