Identity Storyboard

This is a storyboard I have created to my partner in the US; it is about the Emirati Cafe and restaurant called “Al Fanar”. I chose this idea to represent since it is related to my idea of the first project that is about “Fanoos Cafe”.

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Identity is the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. Also, it is the combination of color schemes, designs, words, etc., that a firm employs to make a visual statement about itself and to communicate its business philosophy. It is an enduring  symbol of how a firm views itself, how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others recognize and remember it.

In my point of view, identity could be an image, symbol, or even word that makes a brand or design unique. This could show in many different ways such as in the way the design is represented to audience. The colors of the design plays an important role in identifying and recognizing the idea of the design. One of the ways to represent the identity is through a logo. For example, the logo I have designed that is about “Fanoos Cafe” was unique in ways of representing the idea, type, and combination of colors.

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Logo color pallets

Logos in colors 🙂

First of all, I chose those color variations to show different examples of how would the logo show. I found out that the dark background suits the idea of the logo more. Also, the brown color matched it a lot. So, my choice is the first sample . . It looks warmer 🙂

Project A: Fanoos Cafe

Project A (Logo for Product)  – FANOOS CAFE

I tried to work on different logos so that I have the perfect choice at the end of the process. All of the 10 logos below were either sketched or directly applied to Adobe Illustrator.

It was hard to choose the best of them. However, I was left with two at the end and when colors were applied to them the choice was much more easier. Although my first idea is to include the letter F of Fanoos in the letter C for cafe, but it was not understandable by the audience.

Fanoos Cafe: sketches

Here are different sketches I have drown to represent the logo of “Fanoos Cafe”.

While sketching all I wanted to do is either to stick the letter F of fanoos to the letter ف in Arabic or to maximize the maximize of letter c in Cafe and attach the F of fanoos to it. At the end I just designed the combination of Arabic and English in a straight and simple way.

Project A process

This is a scan of the brief description and matrix I wrote about the Fanoos Cafe project.

It was not hard to express the idea I had in mind since I thought long time about it previously.
The main concern of representing this idea is to show the combination of the past & present of the UAE in a cafe. According to the matrix it was a little bit hard to briefly write word only; but then it helped a lot while sketching.

Competitors logos:

My competitors logos:

I had many ideas to apply. It was harder since there were many competitors and since the idea is spread among many;  I had to choose something specific and unique & nothing could be better then relating my project to the UAE traditions.

My first competitor while talking about the similarity in ideas is “AL FANAR RESTAURANT & CAFE”. However, I did not find a logo that explains what I had in mind; but the first image seemed the closest.

Samples of logos

Here are some pictures I have taken that shows different logos.


Logos are everywhere and easy to find. However, I searched for the unique ones either in the type they are written by or the shape. Some are highly unique and nice and others where simple but still they grab peoples attention.


I liked the most »

 – Harrods logo because it shows unity.

– Jumeriah Towers logo is unique because of the design of the dot on the “i” letter.

– EMPOWER logo is nice too because of the drawing that shows power & strength.